Consulting Services

SCS provides training and consulting services on: More detailed information about statistical consultation through SCS may be found in the Clients' Guide to SCS .

Consulting Appointments

Appointments with consultants may be booked through the ISR Receptionist in Room 242A Schulich School of Business, or by phone, 736-5061 (or local 55061) , or by email to Anita Valencia,


Tom Buis N602 Ross
John Fox 263 Schulich School of Business
Michael Friendly N601 Ross
Tom Martin N602 Ross
Georges Monette 263 Schulich School of Business
Peggy Ng N601B Ross
Mirka Ondrack 256 Schulich School of Business
Barry Smith  1076 Vari Hall 

Consultants Schedule, Fall 1998

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
-- Tom M. (10:30-12:30) Barry Mirka Peggy 
Tom M. (See note)
Georges Georges Michael
Tom B.
Mirka John (11-12 & 3-4) 
SCS Staff Mgt (2-3)
                                    Note: In BSB Computer Lab, use sign-in sheet for appointments.

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Last update: September 11, 1998