Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences
AS/SC/AK/MATH 1505 6.00 Term Y (section G)
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Students who plan to take Math 1505 should ensure that their mathematical skills are adequate. About half of the students who enrolled in this course last year either dropped the course or failed. This was mostly because of inadequate mathematical skills when starting the course. Students who are weak in mathematics might need to take Math 1510 before they take Math 1505. Most students should brush up on their mathematics before the course starts. An excellent resource is the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy provides video tutorials and practice questions for everything you need to know before you take Math 1505. You should be able to do well on the Khan Academy practice questions before you start Math 1505. If you do not do well on the practice questions, then you should take Math 1510 or another preparation course before you start Math 1505. Here are the links to the Khan Academy materials:
Algebra Basics
In "Algebra Basics", you should be able to answer ALL the "Practice" questions. If you can't, you shouldn't take Math 1505 until you've taken a preparation course like Math 1510.
Algebra I
In "Algebra I", you should be able to answer 90% of the "Practice" questions. (You can skip the subsection "Rational and Irrational Numbers").
Algebra II
In "Algebra II", you should be able to answer 80% of the "Practice" questions. (You can skip the subsections "Introduction to Complex Numbers" and "Introduction to Conic Sections").
In "Precalculus", you can skip the subsections "Conic Sections" and "Imaginary and Complex Numbers"). We'll be reviewing most of "Precalculus" in Math 1505, but we'll go fast, so you might want to work on this section.

If you can't answer the practice questions in Algebra Basics, Algebra I and Algebra II, you shouldn't take Math 1505 until you've taken a preparation course like Math 1510. If you can, but didn't get 100%, then you should thoroughly review the Khan Academy materials for the sections with which you had errors. If you are weak in some area, study it until you're strong in that area. Turn your weaknesses into strengths!
If you take the course without adequate preparation, you will waste your money and your time, you'll fail or get a low mark, and you will be frustrated and think you are "bad at math" - but really, you're just not prepared. Even if you're "bad at math", if you take the course after you are prepared, you'll get a good mark, learn something, even enjoy the course, and, when it's over, you won't be "bad at math" after all!